Sep 14, 2010

FIX: WinXP Setup Error "Setup cannot copy the file cmnicfg.xml"

The Problem:
During the first text-phase of setup, during the installation files copy, you recieve an error saying:
"Setup cannot copy the file cmnicfg.xml"
This error is related to wrong permissions set on the System32 folder.
What most likely happened:
- You had Vista/7 installed & you decided to re-install XP over it
- During setup you chose not to format the partition
Windows tried to delete the old Windows folder but left many files it couldn't delete due to changes in
NTFS permissions left by the former OS....

The solution:
You can choose one of the following options:
1. Format the partition.
2. On the destination partition, rename the Windows folder
3. During install, set the folder name for the installation to be different than the existing.