Mar 27, 2010

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Spyware and virus fighting
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Hardware and Drivers Diagnostics
Networking 1# Basics & Firewalls
Networking 2# ADSL, Routers, Wireless

Fix: Windows XP/Vista Connection Limit (Event id 4226)

After years of struggle with Tcp/Ip patches, Microsoft finally remove the half-open connection limit.
Since Windows XP SP2 Microsoft limited the maximum half-open connections to 10 only. this limitation have caused many file-sharing applications to slow-down their download rate, and Event-id 4226 has flooded the system event log.

In Vista SP2 this limitation is finally gone! you can read more about it in this KB969710 Article
Windows 7 is no longer limited by default.

How to Remove TCP/IP Limitation in WinXP SP2-SP3 and Vista RTM-SP1
Those of you who still works on older versions of Windows (Vista/SP1, XP-SP2/SP3) can use 
the following recommended utilities. These tools are also referred as:
Event ID 4226 Patcher, EvID4226 fix, TCP/IP Patch, TCP Half Open Connection Limit Patch

1. Lvllord Event ID 4226 Patcher (4226 fix)
2. TCP-Z Patcher
3. Universal Tcpip.sys Patch
4. Half-open limit fix (patch) for Windows

Please note the instructions on each utility. Some of them includes different versions for 32bit and 64bit Operating system environment.

Mar 4, 2010

Get Ready to Office 2010

Office 2010 Editions

The upcoming new version of Office 2010, scheduled to be released at June 2010 will include the following editions:

A possible Office 2010 upgrade program will be available for customers that will buy Office 2007 between March 5 through Sept. 30. The upgrade will allow the customer to get the corresponding version of Office 2010 to the one he bought with version 2007.

Office 2010 System requirements

The System requirements of Office 2010 will be the same as Office 2007:

Computer and processor500 MHz processor or higher
Memory256 megabytes (MB) of RAM or higher
Hard disk2 gigabytes (GB). A part of this disk space is free after installation if the original download package is removed from the hard disk.
DriveCD-ROM drive or DVD drive
Display1024 x 768 or higher-resolution monitor
Operating systemWindows® XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3) (32-bit), Windows Vista® with SP1 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows® Server 2003 R2 with SP2 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows® Server 2008 with SP1 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit). Terminal Server and Windows on Windows (WOW) (which allows installing 32-bit versions of Office 2010 on 64-bit operating systems) are supported.
AdditionalRequirements and product functionality can vary based on the system configuration and operating system.
Get Office 2010 Beta Preview Now

To download a copy of Office 2010 Beta go to here
*The beta version will work until October 2010

Tip: How To Remove Office 2007 if you can't Uninstall

On older versions of office we could use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove failed Office installations.
but Office 2007/2010 is not supported by this tool and using it can cause nothing but trouble.

Instead, there are a few other methods to remove Office 2007 or Office 2010 if the regular uninstall procedure fails.

1. The Microsoft Manual Removal Instructions:
follow Microsoft's step-by-step guide to remove any trace of office in the registry and file-system.

2. Office 2007 Registry Cleanup Tool: download the tool from here.

3. Suffer's Office 2007 Uninstaller Tool: download the tool from here.
The tool strip out Microsoft Office 2007 when the standard uninstall process wont work

Download: Direct Download Links of Office 2007 OEM Media

For technicians and resellers that sells Office 2007 OEM software, Microsoft gives a paper pack that includes a non-media version of office with a plastic card that includes the license Serial / Product key.
For the actual install Microsoft sells an OPK media for the system-builder use only. 
If the customer needs a copy or if you happen to install the license remotely you can use these direct download links  to get the original installation media.

These setup files can accept any OEM serial of the Basic / Small-Business / Professional editions.

Download Office 2007 OEM English
Download Office 2007 OEM Hebrew

For other languages go to this website and fill the form with the license number & your e-mail.