Mar 27, 2010

Fix: Windows XP/Vista Connection Limit (Event id 4226)

After years of struggle with Tcp/Ip patches, Microsoft finally remove the half-open connection limit.
Since Windows XP SP2 Microsoft limited the maximum half-open connections to 10 only. this limitation have caused many file-sharing applications to slow-down their download rate, and Event-id 4226 has flooded the system event log.

In Vista SP2 this limitation is finally gone! you can read more about it in this KB969710 Article
Windows 7 is no longer limited by default.

How to Remove TCP/IP Limitation in WinXP SP2-SP3 and Vista RTM-SP1
Those of you who still works on older versions of Windows (Vista/SP1, XP-SP2/SP3) can use 
the following recommended utilities. These tools are also referred as:
Event ID 4226 Patcher, EvID4226 fix, TCP/IP Patch, TCP Half Open Connection Limit Patch

1. Lvllord Event ID 4226 Patcher (4226 fix)
2. TCP-Z Patcher
3. Universal Tcpip.sys Patch
4. Half-open limit fix (patch) for Windows

Please note the instructions on each utility. Some of them includes different versions for 32bit and 64bit Operating system environment.

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