Apr 29, 2010

Fix: NOD32 Antivirus "Failed to read firewall configuration" Error

You install ESET NOD32 antivirus on a Windows system and keep getting 
error messages saying:
 "Failed to read firewall configuration"
Even if you try to uninstall and re-install, the error remains..

How to Fix:
follow these steps for full cleanup of the NOD32 leftovers and a successful installation:

Uninstall ESET and then do the following: (please note: some of these files/folders/drivers/ may not be there, which is OK)

Boot into Safe mode

1. Delete files and folder

C:\Program Files\ESET
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ESET
C:\ProgamData\ESET (vista)

Registry keys:

2. Go to Window's Services and disable ESET Services
a. ESET Service
b. ESET Http Server

3. Go to Device Manager and disable drivers for ESET.

a. In Device Manager, go to View on the menu bar and select "Show Hidden devices". This opens up "Non-Pug and Play Drivers" in devices manager .
b. Disable "ehdrv" and "epfwtdir" drivers.

Boot back into normal mode and download "Windows Installer Cleanup Utility":

Run this program and make sure ESET is gone from the list.

Make sure you have the latest Windows Update and any other anti-virus program removed.

Reinstall ESET.

It is recommended to install SP1 or SP2 for a Vista system.
Also, always make sure you try to install the latest version of the antivirus from ESET.


  1. i cant unistall ESET i dont know why, im going to control pannel and pushing unistall ESET but when is about to complete saying somestuff that i cant unistall ''Another application has exclusive access to the file C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\eset\eset smart security\charon\cache.NDB' please shut down all other applications,then click retry'' pls help

  2. never delete files from them locations before uninstalling from the proper location control panel then uninstall the firewall has crash issues
    try adding more ram and updating it ddos can cause this aswell try limit the amount it logs and i dont thing its unsafe because even if the fw gui crashs dont mean the packet filter rules have this is based on tcp ip settings and if you try taskmgr when it says this the process is still runing good just update and restart or at very least restart to be on the safe side

  3. thanks,, WORKS LIKE A CHARM !!!!!!!!!


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