Oct 7, 2010

Guide: Recommended Steps for Fixing a PC

Following are the quickest ways to restore any PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7:

Software-Related Methods
  • Using F8 - Last Known Good Configuration
  • From within Windows, System Restore
  • From the OS Disc, System Restore (Windows Vista and Windows 7 Only)
  • From the OS Disc, Repair Installation or StartUp Repair
  • In Normal Mode or Safe Mode, Install Ccleaner. Run Ccleaner. Install Malwarebytes. Update Malwarebytes. Run Malwarebytes.
  • Using Administrative Tools - Event Viewer, take note of any Events related to disk or memory-related issues. The Windows Kernel frequently records the exact event that is effecting the stability of the computer. You can then lookup the Event Codes using Microsoft Events and Error Message Center or EventID.net.
Hardware-Related Methods

With the Power Off and the Computer Unplugged:
  • Check the temperature of the computer. It is possible that the CPU Fan and/or the Power Supply Fan may need to be replaced. If the computer does not include a Power Supply with a Fan, a new Power Supply with a Fan may need to be installed. You may also need to vacuum the computer case to clear any obstruction from the fans.
  • Try moving the RAM to another RAM Slot. The RAM Slot may be bad.
  • Try replacing the RAM with other RAM. The RAM may be bad. You can also confirm that the problem is bad RAM by usingMemTest86.
  • Using Crucial.com, lookup the RAM Type to insure that it is in fact compatible with the motherboard.
With the Power On:
  • Try resetting the BIOS to Factory Defaults. The RAM Timing Settings within the BIOS may have been set to an incorrect setting.
Windows 7 also includes a functionality called System Image which is a form of Ghosting. You can actually setup a backup that will image the PC on a scheduled basis. If there is a failure, you can then restore from the System Image that you made in your backup using the OS Repair Disc.

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