Feb 16, 2011

Fix: Avid Error: "The application binary file has been corrupted, please reinstall the system"

Error when loading project in Avid MC saying:
"The application binary file has been corrupted, please reinstall the system"

The cause for the problem is Bin's created in earlier version of Avid such as Avid Express Pro.


The Avid Media Composer does not like the bins created under Avid Xpress Pro. Sure it is smart to create a new project and new user settings (and clean site settings, delete msm files etc...)  but the REAL trick here is make completely new bins with slightly different names. e.g. for an old bin called 
make a new bin called somethiing like
. Do this for all your bins. Move the clips and sequences out of the old bins and into the new ones, then delete the old. The error message will be cured. 
Personally, I was also getting an error message on launch of MC saying . The problem here is that Avid is moving to a different type of graphics architecture which uses a different method of video overlay. The bottom line is that while I am using an HP Compaq nx9600 notebook (Avid qualified and recommended (and supposedly supported ) at the time of writing) however there is something about the way the ATI X600 graphics card inside handles things that bumps up against the latest Avid software. But there is a solution. Yea! Firstly, Launch Media Composer while holding down the L and O keys. This puts the Avid software into legacy overlay mode, making it compatible with the ATI card. There will be no error message. Once up, open the console and enter
legacyoverlay on
This will cause the setting to be retained for subsequent sessions and the error will continue to be gone.
The ATI card in my notebook is non-upgradeable. But if you run into this one on an upgradeable PC and you do later install one of the recommended nVidia cards, you will just need to take another trip to the console and type
legacyoverlay off
Before I found these fixes out I did yet another rebuild of my OS from the ground up. Didn't help a smidge. Hey, Doc Avid, don't you treat me! You gotta get the prescription right my friend. If you are going to throw out random suggestions, stick with the basics, like rebuilding settings files. Don't suggest tearing down the house unless you know what you are talking about. please! (Sorry for coming on a little strong here. I do not mean to be rude. But it is frustrating to follow advice to rebuild your entire OS and then discover that had no connection with the issue)

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