Nov 1, 2010

Fix: Outlook Hang & Crash

Microsoft Outlook could get crash from lots of reasons.
in most cases the problem can be resolved easily by following these steps:

1. Try reseting the data-settings files:
go to the "application data" folder in the user's profile
In Windows XP: 
C:\Documents and Settings\%UserProfile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook 
In Windows Vista/7: 

rename the extensions of these files to *.old:
another file called OutlPrnt. is related to printing problems in outlook. you can try rename it to
.old also in cases where Outlook crash after trying to print an item (email, tasks etc.).
Try running Outlook and see if it is fixed. if no- proceed to step 2.

2. Try running ScanPst.exe to fix data errors in Oulook Personal Folders.
ScanPst.exe is a tool provided inside Microsoft Office folder. it is used to scan and fix
data errors inside Outlook data files.

You can find it here:
Office 2003: c:\program files\common files\system\msmapi\1033\
Office 2007/2010: c:\program files\microsoft office\14.0\
after running the tool, browse and select the pst file to scan and run a repair.
afterwards- try running Outlook again.

if it doesn't help try step 3,4,5.

3. Create a new Outlook Profile
4. Try repairing Office's installation.
5. Try uninstalling & re-installing Microsoft Office.

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