Jul 13, 2011

Fix: Can't open Bin in Avid, Error "Can't Open File xxx"

How to Fix Corrupted Bin in Avid Project?

The project is loaded fine. when trying to open a specific bin, you get an error saying "Can't Open File xxx", where xxx is the name of the bin.

The bin file got corrupted. we need to replace it using an older version that Avid auto-saved in the Avid Attic. The Avid Attic is usually located at:
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Avid Media Composer\Avid Attic
Inside there are folders for each project. inside the project folder there's a Bins folder with sub-folders for each Bin.
The versions are saved with incremental numbers such as: master.1, master.2, master.3 etc...

1. We will locate the best version for us using the time&date of the file.
2. Copy the file to the Project's folder (usually C:\Users\Public\Documents\Shared Avid Projects)
3. Rename the old bin file to .OLD extension.
4. Rename the restored version file to the .AVB extension, to replace the original.

Now try to load Avid and the project again.
If you keep getting the same error, try restoring an older version from the Avid Attic.

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