May 17, 2009

Fix: "No Audio Device" Although Audio Driver is Installed Correctly in Windows XP

1. Device Manager shows the Audio Device in installed correctly without any errors.
2. Still, in the Audio/Sound Settings in Control Panel you see an error saying "No Audio Device".
3. Even if you try to install an alternate Sound Card, it doesn't help.
4. In the Device Manager, in the Audio Device Properties > Settings > you see an error message saying:
"Status: Driver is enabled but has not been started"

the system is missing one crutial component called: Plug and Play Software Enumerator

Re-Install this component by following this procedure:
1. copy machine.inf from %windir%\inf to a temp dir
2. remove line 20: ExcludeFromSelect=*
3. add new hardware  > have disk (select the temp dir with the modified machine.inf) and
    install the "plug and play software enumerator"
4. swenum.sys is found in system32\drivers
5. streamci.dll is found in system32
    or they can be found on your windows disk
It's been a long trip getting this done, I hope I could help someone out-there with this information.

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