May 6, 2009

How to add Hibernate as a 4th option in XP’s Shut-Down Menu

You might have seen it before on someone else’s laptop, and wondered how you can get down with the hibernation game. Why doesn’t it show up by default on your shutdown screen?? Don’t have hibernation envy!
I’m referring to seeing 4 options to choose from on your Shut Down menu of Windows XP. After this hack the Hibernate option will stay there without the need to press the Shift key any more.
Well- let’s get to it:
The first thing to do is get a hold of Microsoft’s hotfix KB893056. You can use this link to request it immediately.
After we installed the hotfix, we need to make some small registry changes. Get it here
For those of you working in a Workgroup environment and using the friendly “Welcome Screen” you need to run the Reg-file called: “1 AddToShutdown”. If you use the classic logon screen you can also run the 2nd Reg-file to set Hibernate as the default action in the menu.
When you’re finished just restart the machine and check it out!
Needless to says that you must have the Hibernate feature on in your Control Panel’s Power Options. or else nothing would appear obviously.
Enjoy :-)

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