Apr 1, 2009

Office: How to change the Office Serial / Key after installation

Use the following Scripts to force Office to pop-up a wizard for replacing your serial.
you can use this method to fix the the Office Genuine Update warnings by replacing the bad serial with a new genuine one.

Close all running Office Applications, Download and run the script.
Office 2003: ReplaceOfficeSerial2003
Office 2007: ReplaceOfficeSerial2007
Afterwards, open an Office application, like word, and a wizard will come-up asking for a serial.
Note: you can use this method manually for different products from the Office family (like Visio, Publisher etc.) just open RegEdit and goto:
"HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office\{Office GUID}\Registration\"
then delete the "DigitalProductID" and the "ProductID" values.

It works like magic!

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